A Sneak-Peak Screening for Cast, Crew, Family, and Friends

Those who were dancing were thought to be crazy by those who could not hear the music.”

We finally did it: our first sneak-peak screening of Silverfish was a hit. In total, we had about 80 people show up in downtown ATX at the Alamo Drafthouse in support of what has now capped a nearly six-year project.

The screening went well – lots of laughs, lots of sighs – and we received a lot of productive and positive feedback about our movie. As is always the case, I noticed things I want to change (and probably will), but they are all so miniscule that I doubt anyone but me will notice. Such is the way when you grow so attached to something over such a long period. Perhaps the best part of the night for me was hearing the compliments about all the performances. As an actor, I value a lot of things, but most critiques are tolerable so long as you keep hearing that the story and acting was made believable by the performers. Thanks so much to the entire cast for pulling together and sticking with me. You guys are truly special, both in talent and spirit.

To all of you who have been following, we thank you with all our hearts. And special thanks to those who helped fund our Marfa shoot through Indiegogo. Be sure to check IMDB if you were supposed to get a producing credit. Your page is up! Also, a very special thanks to Erik and Chelsea, who without their help, shooting this story wouldn’t have been a possibility.

And last, though certainly not least… Thank you to my wife, Denise, for all her support, love, and encouragement to keep making movies and being creative. (You had me in tears with your speech.) I’m humbled by the good fortune to be doing life with you. I love you very much.

It is pretty wild to think that after all this work, we are still only halfway through the trip. Next up: festivals and distribution!

Until next time… Cheers!

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