They Let the Camera In and the Truth Out
About the Movie
96 minutes
United States
Writer & Director
Mathew Thornton
Production Company
Griffyn.Co Productions, Reel Goode Productions

The truth is a trap; you can’t get it without its getting you... Bill is a middle-aged divorcee convinced that his wife deserted him because he is a premature ejaculator with a micropenis. Desperate to restore his dignity, Bill lands in therapy with Arleta--an altruistic sexologist whose hands-on method grays the moral line between emotional healing and certified prostitution. Shane--Arleta's younger brother and only living family member--has become mired in a secret affinity for provocative parties and an underground subculture that serves to galvanize his otherwise humdrum existence. When Hannah--a progressive and ambitious documentarian--convinces Arleta and Bill to allow that her camera be turned on the private details of their therapy, a collision of eclectic characters ignites one soul-purging journey in this cringingly authentic dramedy about the universal notion that the truth shall set us free.

Matthew is an actor/writer/director who has been acting in both television and film since 2003.
Erik is an award winning filmmaker whose documentary and narrative films have screened across the country.
Alex and Andre are brothers and best friends. Each spends his day toiling away in Corporate America.
Chelsea is an award winning filmmaker and Lone Star Emmy Award winning editor whose work
Roger is an Austin-based musician whose extremely unique artistic style is widely accessible.
Scott is an actor and writer, known for A Night to Remember (2007), Harvest Home (2008) and Between Floors (2009).
Rachelle is best known for her work in television and as a host. Silverfish is her first narrative feature project, and unsurprisingly has earned the honor
Grace Marlow is an actor and writer best known known for her work on Rearview Mirror (2013), as well as her upcoming roles in Silverfish (2015)
Anne Nabors was born in Cornwall, Connecticut. A subtle performer and vulnerable actress, she is known for The Tree of Life (2011),
Maverick Shaw is an actor, director, and photographer based in Austin, Texas and is known or Silverfish (2017), #Slaughterhouse (2017),
Lisa is an actress and assistant director, best known for Brackenridge Park: A Love Story (2012),
INFLUX Magazine Film Awards
We are excited to have been chosen to screen at the INFLUX Magazine Awards in Los Angeles! More info soon...
Upcoming Screening in Corpus Christi: South Texas Underground Film Festival
Happy 2018! Just a quick update: Silverfish landed another screening in the South Texas Underground Film Festival, a hometown showing for many of our cast. We will show on Saturday, 1/27 @ 8:30pm at the Wolfe Recital Hall at Del Mar College. There are 250 seats available and this screening is free until full, so...
Hi, All – I just wanted to provide a couple of updates. For starters, if you haven’t been able to catch the latest article on the making of Silverfish, you can follow the link below to Robert Hardy’s website, The Filmmaker’s Process. For all of you filmmakers, Hardy is a great resource for tons of...
SILVERFISH Wins Grand Prize at SAFF 2017
Though it was not intended to be, the San Antonio Film Festival was a highly volatile experience for those of us who attended on behalf of Silverfish. In the vein of keeping this blog honest, my goal is to make available the real-world experience I had during the making and sharing of this experimental feature....
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When a middle-aged divorcee and a sex surrogate allow a filmmaker to turn her camera on their private engagements, four lives collide in a struggle to surrender to the naked truth.